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Located between Soi Bongkot and The Village (opposite Soi Leng Kee) on Pattaya Third Road, The Buffalo Bar has a mainly Ex-pat clientele from around the world. An up-market beer bar where the girls greet you with a traditional Thai greeting. With many girls, reasonable drink prices (Singha/Tiger 75Bt, Singha Lite/Tiger Lite 80Bt, Heinekin/SML 90Bt, Gin & T 80Bt, Thai Whisky 55Bt, (Drinks increased due to Tax Hike SEP 2013.) Soft drinks 40Bt, and Lady drinks only 90Bt, you are certain to have a lively night out. Come and see for yourself.  

Buffalo Bar has always been an idyllic setting slightly out of town, with a good selection of music to please you, thanks to our excellent DJs. Even with the shophouses spreading along Third Road, it is still an lively oasis in a sea of development. Within walking distance of town, or about 80-100 Baht for a Baht Bus to bring you out from town centre. The open air bar at the front conceals a six unit deep bar area, where there are high stools with small high drinks tables. There are three small Coyotee dancing stages. Try a game of Snooker (Pool) at the back - the girls will beat you! The bar opens is open late afternoon for drinks, but our girls do not come on duty until around 6.00pm, and dancers early evening. It closes about 3.00am (subject to continually changing licensing hours). We have a car park and there is an occasional Baht Bus service outside. A short walk takes you to the main Soi Buakhao Baht Bus route.
Buffalo Bar in the daylight - July 1999. A rare sight!
Buffalo Bar -daytime - July 1999.
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The Buffalo Bar at night - December 2002.
Buffalo Bar - December 2009
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